Beth’s Bio

Beth Todd was born and raised in Cedartown, GA and is the daughter of Dave and Susan Brown.  She grew up in the United Methodist Church but became a member of the Church of God when she started attending church with Jonathan.  She attended North Georgia College and State University (now the University of North Georgia), and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Art Education.  A few years later, Beth moved to Wilmore, KY to attend Asbury Theological Seminary.  She has since graduated from there with a Masters in Intercultural Studies and a Masters in Biblical Studies.  Some of her hobbies include anything art related, reading good fiction, and studying Martial Arts.

Beth remembers being deeply aware of God at a very young age, but had never considered the possibility of going into ministry as a profession.  It wasn’t until after she had been working for a few years after college that she was able to identify the source of the restlessness that she felt: God was calling her to do work that had an eternal focus, and away from a job that just focused on the day-to-day.  Beth’s call was further clarified as a call to missions as God made her aware of the global nature of the Body of Christ.

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