Jonathan’s Bio

Jonathan Todd was born in Louisville, KY to Jim and Fran Todd.  Jim, Jonathan’s father, was a Church of God pastor, so Jonathan and his family have lived in several different states (Tennessee, Washington, Florida, and Kentucky).  Jonathan mostly grew up in Jacksonville, FL while his father was the pastor of the Northside Church of God.  There he graduated from the University of North Florida with a Bachelor’s in Chemistry.  Several years later, he attended Asbury Theological Seminary, where he met Beth, and has graduated with a Masters in Intercultural Studies.  Some of his interests and experiences include playing the violin and viola, woodworking and other forms of art, traveling on short mission trips, and raising guide dogs.

Being the son of a pastor, Jonathan knew all about ministry as a profession. At the age of twelve, Jonathan felt that God was calling him into ministry, but he knew that it was not the traditional form of pastoral ministry to a local church.  At seventeen, Jonathan went on a mission trip to Quito, Ecuador with Johnny and Paula Snyder.  It was there that he discovered that the call on his life was for international missions.  Over the course of several more trips to Quito with Jon and Karen Lambert, he was encouraged to follow that call, and to keep watch for and be ready to walk through the doors that God would open.

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