Our Visit to Brazil in March

In March of 2014, we took a 28 day trip to Itaituba, Brazil. We went for a couple of reasons. The most important was to meet the leaders and members in the churches. We had heard many stories about the work that is happening there, but we had been encouraged to go and see the work first hand.

The second reason for going was just to see the area and get an idea of what life is like there. Itaituba is a small town about three degrees south of the equator. It’s in the middle of the rain forest. While this sounds exotic (which it is!), its location means that travel is not easy. In Itaituba, you can find electricity, internet, and air conditioning; it’s a modern city, as are all the others in this area.  But you will not find a McDonald’s or a Taco Bell; it is in the middle of the jungle, after all. Before we made a commitment to serving in Itaituba, those helping us through the process of becoming missionaries through Church of God Global Missions wanted us to see it and realize what we would be getting ourselves into. We had already committed to going where God calls, but seeing where God seems to be calling us doesn’t hurt!

Over the next few weeks, Beth and I will be writing a series of posts that talk about our 4 weeks in Itaituba. It was an incredible experience that we are both still processing, but one that helped us hear God’s call more clearly than ever.

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