January Update

As we have been reflecting on 2015, we realize how incredibly blessed we have been. Thanks to so many individuals, groups, and congregations partnering in the ministry in Brazil, we are now 70% funded. Because of this, we have been able to schedule the rest of our required training. We will be attending Mission Training Institute March 28-April 23. This is one of our last steps before moving to Brazil.

We are scheduled to share with a congregation almost every Sunday this month. Our schedule for January is listed below. If you would like to schedule us to share with your congregation, small group, Sunday school class, or any other group, contact us through the “Contact Us” link at the top of the page.

01/10/16 Mt. Zion Church of God, Columbia, KY
01/17/16 Alum Springs First Church of God, Danville, KY
01/24/16 Beulah Church of God, Eubank, KY

We pray that you continue to feel God’s presence in 2016, and that you are watchful for the exciting things He has planned for you!

Jonathan, Beth, & Miriam at Shaker Village

If you are interested in partnering financially with our ministry in Brazil, click the family photo.

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