May 2016 Update

We are so thankful for all of our partners in this ministry, the ones that have given to it and prayed for it.  We think of them often. Because of their generosity and prayers our funding has now reached 88% complete!  We are so close to being able to go!


Group picture with part of the congregation after sharing at Feathersberg First Church of God

Our start-up budget,the one consisting of actual cash that has been given, is beyond complete (at over 150%!). Any one-time or non Living-Link gifts from individuals and churches have gone into this fund. However, we cannot leave for the field until our Living Link budget has been raised.  This budget consists of recurring pledges that are given once a month, or once a year, etc. Only people and congregations who have either filled out a Living-Link form or spoken directly to Debbie Taylor are Living-Link. As stated above, we are almost at 90%, but need to reach 100% in order to leave for the field.  Thus, we are in great need of your prayers that more committed partners come forward. To reach 100%, we need to raise an additional $1,718 per month in pledged support. If just 17 congregations or individuals would pledge to give $100 per month, we would be fully funded! We are ready to go and the Brazilians are anxious to have us there!


Update on Brazil

Great things are happening in the Brazilian churches and the ministries of which many of you are now a part through your giving and prayers.  In February, the churches in Itaituba had their yearly Desperta service(their Christian music festival and revival that corresponds to Carnival).  By the end of this more than 250 people gave their lives to Christ!


Prayer during the dedication service of the new X-ray machine

More recently, in May, the medical clinic run by the churches dedicated their new X-Ray machine.  Pastor Daniel stated that, “We are developing the culture that we need to take care of the human being as a whole and not only the physical illness.”  During the dedication service, yet another person was saved.  The Spirit is moving and the churches are growing fast.  Praise God!  Because of this, though, the existing church leadership is being stretched thin.  New leaders are needed, and that is why we need to get there soon!


Things left to do:

We, and many others, are praying that our funding is completely raised by the end of May.  If so, we plan to leave for Brazil in July.  There are many things that hinge on having a set leave date.  They are:

  • Purchasing airline tickets
  • Making arrangements to start Language School (which we can’t do without a leave date)
  • Applying for Visas (which we can’t do without airline tickets, and a letter from the Language School)
  • Arranging for a place to live near Language School
    • Recently, through our contact at the Language School, a great opportunity presented itself: a three-bedroom house that was within our budget, within walking distance of the school, and complete with a great landlord that prefers to rent to missionaries.  Sadly, we could not grab it since we do not have a set date when we would be there because we are not fully funded.  Please pray that we do not miss out on other opportunities!

So, please join us in prayer that committed partners to this ministry come forward SOON, and that we set a date in July to leave for Brazil!

Once again, we are so thankful for all of you.  It is truly humbling for us to know that there are so many people thinking of and praying for us.  We have been truly blessed!  On June 21-22, we will be in Anderson, IN at the Church of God regional convention.  Perhaps we will see you there.  We pray that God blesses you, as you have blessed us.


Jonathan, Beth, & Miriam at Shaker Village

Click on our family picture if you would like to partner financially with us!

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