Moving Into a New House

Since February of 2018, we have been renting a house that was built by Pastor Edgar Henke, the founder of much of the Church of God work in Itaituba. He passed some years ago, and we were renting from his daughter. As his daughter looked to move, she began trying to sell the house. We were excited for her opportunity to move, but we were worried about having to find a new place to live. Last year the house sold just as we arrived in the US for home assignment. Thankfully we had just renewed our lease.

Upon returning to Itaituba this year, the owner decided to increase our rent by more than 240%. Church leaders here quickly decided we needed to move (we agreed) and arrangements were made for us to move into “the missionary house.” It is a house built for some Church of God missionaries about 20 years ago. It is just two blocks from where we had been living. Various pastoral couples have lived in this house for some years now. The most recent tenants had just accepted the position of senior pastor at one of our churches and wanted to move closer. God’s perfect timing opened the door for our move.

Front of the house. It's painted pink with white trim.
Front of the house. The only thing on the second floor is Jonathan’s office. It’s a small room above the front porch. The area surrounded by stakes and palm fronds on the right-hand side of the picture is Miriam’s watermelon patch.

We moved at the end of March, and we have spent the past month doing some work on the house. We have built a wall for privacy and so that the kids can play in the yard without us worrying about them. A busy street runs in front of our house. We’ve had to do some repairs including a new well pump, repair the water tank, and some electrical issues we discovered.

This is the side entrance. It’s on the left side of the house. It has some metal bars that are only on part of the side. Beth and Miriam have planted cucumbers directly in front so they vines can trail up the metalwork. Our kitchen is straight through that door. You can also see our dog, Rocky, on the right and our cat, Wanda (named by Miriam), on the left.

We have now been in the house for just over 2 months. It has a much larger yard than our previous house which gives the kids much more room to play. God’s timing is perfect, and moving just as the pandemic arrived in our region has allowed us a good space for practicing social-distancing.

This is Miriam’s room. Excuse the mess, she’s been playing hard this morning. Her room has hammock hooks. To celebrate our move, Miriam got to pick out a hammock for her room. The extra mattresses on the floor are for her to jump, tumble, and wrestle.

We are praising God for this move for several reasons. The first is that it will reduce our housing costs significantly. The money saved will allow us to visit congregations in other regions more often once travel becomes possible. We also now have more stability in our housing. Previously we were dependent on a landlord to agree to renew our lease every year. Now we have a place that we can live in long-term. We are praising God for His providence!

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  One thought on “Moving Into a New House

  1. Mark
    June 6, 2020 at 10:03 pm

    We are so happy for you. It looks like a very nice place for your family. We love and miss you very much.

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