Good News, Everyone!

We have stepped out in faith and purchased our airline tickets! We are flying to Brazil on September 5th, and are trusting God that a few more people and churches will partner with us to reach 100% funding by that date. Please be in prayer that we find a few more financial partners. If you are interested in being one of those, please contact Debbie Taylor at (800) 848-2464 #2129 or go to to give online. We are project number 42.10039.

As our departure approaches, we have been working hard to sell or give away much of what we’ve accumulated over the past few years. We are also making an effort to spend as much time with family as we can since it will be quite some time before we see them again. Below are a few items of which we want to make all of our partners aware.

What to Expect

We’ve been working with Pierre, the head of the language school, to make arrangements for where we will live. We are praying to have a house or apartment lined up in the next

Picture of Language School

Entrance to Interclass Language School

couple of weeks. Once we arrive, we will start the process of moving into a new house (it doesn’t come stocked with groceries after all!), begin learning our way around Campinas, and begin learning Portuguese. To help in transitioning into a new culture, we will be pulling away from social media such as Facebook, and you will likely not hear very much from us for 2-3 months. We will be sure to post when we have arrived, but we will not be posting constant updates online about what life is like. Don’t worry, we will still be talking with our parents—grandmothers would not be happy with us if they can’t talk with Miriam!


One of the most asked questions we get is, “What is your address, and how can we communicate with you?” E-mail and Facebook are definitely the best way to contact us, but we may not respond immediately because our primary job over the next few months is to learn Portuguese! Our families can get in touch with us more quickly if needed. As for our mailing address, we don’t have one yet. Once we have it, feel free to contact us for it if you need to. The office in Anderson will have it as well.

Specific Prayer Request


Miriam and Beth at the Tennessee State Family Camp

  • That we gain a few more financial partners so we can be fully funded before September 5th.
  • For our families as we prepare to leave.
  • Peace and minimal stress as we spend 12 hours in a plane with a toddler!
  • Prayers for our instructors and tutors as we begin language school.

Miriam’s Dedication

Because our schedule has been ever changing, we had not been able to schedule Miriam’s baby dedication. We finally have it scheduled, and it will be at Winchester First Church of God on August 21st. That is the last church we will be sharing with prior to our departure, and are excited friends and family will be able to attend!




If you would like to partner with us financially, click the photo to go our online giving portal


  One thought on “Good News, Everyone!

  1. Nancy Sanetznik
    July 21, 2016 at 8:55 pm

    Praying for the TODDS.
    Gerald “Snookie” and Nanvy Sanetznik
    What time is the service in Winchester, KY???

    We live in Mt Sterling Ky

    • jonathanbtodd
      July 21, 2016 at 9:12 pm

      We so appreciate your prayers! Service is at 11am. Beth and I will be sharing about our ministry in Brazil as part of the service.

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